LA Record Mixtape

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tracklisting goes something like this...

Dr. John “Familiar Reality (Opening)”
Ella Brown “Love Don’t Love Nobody”
Dennis Wilson “Friday Night”
John Tchicai “Lied”
Low + Spring Heel Jack “Bombscare”
Rhythm and Sound “We Been Troddin” (f. Shalom)
Group Doueh “Cheyla ya Haiuune”
Dion “Born To Be With You”
Yoko Ono “What A Bastard The World Is”
Mulatu Astatke “Kulunmanqueleshi”
Duke Ellington “Acht O’Clock Rock”
William Siwale and Friends “Castle Beer”
Everything Is Everything “Witchi Tai To”
John Cale “You Know More Than I Know”